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South Africa


All our raw materials conform to International Food Grade Packaging Standards.

History, Resources and Markets



Pyramid holdings (PTY) Ltd is a privately owned company in Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana, and is engaged in the manufacture of paper SO bags and sacks.

The company commenced operations in 1991 with the aim of supplying SO bags to the market in Botswana, namely companies packing sugar, flour and maize meal.

The company expanded, satisfying the local market and then began exporting sugar bags into Zambia, one of Botswana's neighbouring countries.

In 1998 the company began exporting bags into South Africa particularly millers of wheat and maize.  It was successful in it's efforts largely due to good service and competitive pricing.  At that stage the market had been dominated by Nampak Sacks, particularly as far as large consumers of paper SO bags were concerned.

The shareholders, since the company was founded were Ian Macdonald and Kohler Packaging.  In 2003 the Nampack Group acquired Kohler packaging and as a consequence their shares in Pyramid.  However Ian Macdonald and Digby Rush bought these shares from Nampack and are today the only shareholders of Pyramid Holdings (Pty)Ltd.

In 2004 the company purchased paper sack making equipment to enable it to provide the full range of bags to users in Botswana and South Africa.


The company operates 12 SO bag machines, 2 reel-to-reel printing machines and a sack-line ('tuber' and 'bottomer').  The plant is capable of producing 220 million SO bags and 18 million sacks.  Current capacity utilisation is approximately 75%.


The company employs 140 people, most of whom are citizens of Botswana.  Skilled operators who are as yet unavailable in Botswana, have been brought in from South Africa and Zimbabwe where the paper bag and sack industry has been long established.

The company prides itself on being a caring employer and boasts a low employee turnover.

Raw Material

Paper is sourced from south Africa (Sappi fine Paper, Sappi Kraft and Mondi Packaging) as well as Sweden (Billerud).

Current consumption is around 6000 Tons per annum made up from bleached and unbleached Kraft and White Top Liner (Bay White).


Currently the company markets it's products to Zambia (7%) South Africa (68%) and Botswana (25%).

The markets in which we operate are made up of Sugar, Flour, Maize, Cement, Malt, Tile Adhesive, Refractory Products and Base Minerals.

The company is represented in South Africa by two agents who have been in the industry for many years.  Customers in Botswana and Zambia are serviced by it's own staff

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